First Blog Post

Woo-hoo! I'm blogging!

My marketing professor told me the course requires me to set up a blog, and that some companies won't hire me into the marketing department unless I have a blog.

So, I asked my esteemed advisors
John David Drake (http://potkettleblue.blogspot.com/), Kate Juergens (http://martaandme.blogspot.com/) and Rachel Fix (http://fixfabulous.blogspot.com/) for advice on getting started, and I did get excellent and ample advice.

I've been wondering who will read my blog, and then I recall that I peek at my old pal Alan West's blog (http://www.greyhares.org/long-live-life/) from time to time. So maybe someone will read something of it.

Having indulged in a respectable period of procrastination, it is now underway.

[big deal! <yawn>]

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