Born in the USA - Part 2

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We continue our discussion of a proposed amendment to the US Constitution (Congress, S.J. Res. 6, 2009)  that would end the claim to US citizenship of any person born on US soil. In my post of July 14, 2010, I traced out the implications of the amendment. I stated that this amendment would deny to certain infants and pregnant women rights that they would otherwise enjoy. I explained how this amendment would be contrary to the spirit of universal human rights set forth in the Declaration of Independence.

Proponents of the amendment presume that foreigners without proper visas are dangerous to the United States or injurious to Americans by their existence, which is a misapprehension. The most often claimed injury is that foreigners take the jobs of Americans. Yet if 1 out of 10 persons in San Diego was deported, then


Born in the USA - Part 1

Q: Is it a good idea to amend the [US] Constitution to remove the birthright citizenship in view of the current and ongoing illegal immigration problems?

A: No. No harm arises from recognizing all persons born in the US as citizens. The proposed amendment


The 35-Hour Work Week: Remedy for Unemployment

Reduce the standard working hours per week from 40 to 35.

Each week, the 310 million people of the United States produce, by their labor, a quantity of goods and services that more or less suffices to satisfy the wants and needs of